« For companies in

 multicultural situations,

 the absolute n°1 step is

to teach employees and managers…


…how to understand each other’s

cultural approach and interpretations »


« An efficient ‘working-together’ will build only to that condition »





Managing among Several Cultures


…is a service delivering management support

to crosscultural companies


mostly through the Internet and other NTIC’s,

but also face to face


 M.a.s.c. is a unique approach

to assisting multicultural companies




Our vision:

« Managers are to become multicultural performers »


M.a.s.c. will help them become so!


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avisée is a company based in the South of France and operating anywhere in the World, in English or in French language.


avisée has already operated in :


China, Maghreb, The USA, Spain, France


avisée est une entreprise basée dans le sud de la France et opérant partout dans le monde, en anglais ou en français.

Des interventions ont eu lieu en :

Chine, Maghreb, USA, Espagne, France


The company avisée and the service M.a.S.C. have been created by Alain Faivre-Dupaigre.

He has a background in Engineering, International Marketing and Professional Coaching



AlainFaivre-Dupaigre has lived and/or worked in many régions of the world including:

Mexico, the Carribeans, The USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, several countries of East Africa, China, Morocco. Algeria.



L’entreprise avisée et l’offre M.a.S.C. ont été créés par Alain Faivre-Dupaigre.

Avec son expérience en Ingénierie, Marketing International et Coaching Professionnel



Alain Faivre-Dupaigre a vécu et/ou travaillé dans de nombreuses régions du monde dont: Le Mexique, les Caraïbes, les USA, l’Allemagne, les Pays Bas, l’Italie, plusieurs pays d’Afrique de l’Est, la Chine, le Maroc, l’Algérie.



 avisée offers a comprehensive approach to multicultural matters, using up-to-date technologies and resources

 The company is based in Toulouse, a city in the South of France

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avisée fournit un service complet d’accompagnement aux entreprises en matière de multiculturalisme, faisant appel aux technologies  récentes

  l’entreprise a ses locaux à Toulouse, ville du Sud de la France

salle réu shortdef

avisée provides to the companies a product called M.a.S.C., which puts together three fields of competence:

a) management in international environment, 

b) knowledge of cultural différences, 

c) professional coaching


M.a.S.C. is unique in 2 ways

- it takes into account all cultures in presence, including the company culture


- it uses innovative Tools from the NTIC world



avisée propose aux entreprises le produit   M.a.S.C., qui rassemble trois domaines de compétence:

a) management à l’international, 

b) connaissance des differcnces culturelles, 

c) coaching professionnel


M.a.S.C. est  unique pour deux raisons:

- il prend en compte toutes les cultures en présence, y compris la culture de l’entreprise


- il utilise des outils innovant du monde des NTIC



Global Catalog:

here are the 6 main proposals of  M.a.S.C.

1- Diagnosis and tests: will provide the complete picture of the cultural situation of the company or the subsidiary

2- Remote awareness-raising for employees: on-line quizz and teaching, that will create awareness at employee level

3-Face-to-face seminars challenging managers : the fundamentals of the multicultural management

4-High-Level face-to-face seminars : develops awareness and understanding of the cultural forces and issues in presence

5-Remote seminars: develop undertanding, by the great number, of the multicultural matters

6- Remote managers’ coaching’s: help enforce the new multicultural approach in the first following year

Remote tools:

Remote actions complement the face-to-face actions.

 They consist in:

tests for diagnosis,

e-awareness for raising consciousness of all employees

e-training for managers

They are little-intrusive for your company

They are much more cost-effective than any similar face-to-face action

They will enable to touch much more people thanks to this cost-efficency



Being faced with Crossculturalism in your company is always a positive sign:

it means that it is expanding !

And opportunities for new businesses and new knowledges are showing up…



Nevertheless, having various cultures work together is a challenge.

If not anticipated correctly, it might turn into bad productivity, poor atmosphere, and even closing and lay-offs.



M.a.S.C. is a preventive solution against these risks.



Examples of contexts where to use M.a.S.C.

A) Your company plans to open a subsidiary, a branch , or an offshore center in a new country. You want to prevent potential multicultural issues with locally-hired employees, and with customers.

B) You want to raise awareness about cultural matters with a certain category of personnel of your subsidiary, branch or offshore center.

C) Newly-appointed managers are scheduled to soon leave and manage one of your subsidiary/branch/Offshore center abroad. They need  to be trained to manage in the best conditions.

D) One of your subsidiaries, branch or offshore center has been running for a certain time, and performances and/or work atmosphere are low.

Key Features and Differences

M.a.S.C. is an innovative approach which takes advantages of the latest and more cost-effective NTIC technologies whenever possible:

- Remote coaching

- Videoconferencing

- On-line tests

- e-awareness-raising

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Points Forts et Différences

M.a.S.C. est une approche innovante qui met à profit des technologies NTIC récentes et financièrement attractives, chaque fois qu’elles sont possibles:

-Coaching à distance


-Tests en ligne


Get In Touch

Téléphones: 33(0)9 79 22 55 48  ou 33 (0)6 16 15 52 76
Alain Faivre-Dupaigre